Ed Freyfogle

I'm an entrepreneur living the good life in Barcelona (Tres Torres/Sarrià) with my wife and two children.
You may enjoy my sporadically updated blog.
A bit about me:
  • Currently my main project is learning the hands-on details of running a SaaS business.
    I'm co-founder of OpenCage Geocoding, we provide an API to convert geographic coordinates to places.
    It's a fun but challenging business that still gives me plenty of flexibility to spend time with my kids.
  • I'm an occasional angel investor investing in early-stage startups I can help via my domain knowledge or network, or where I have a long history with the founders. I'm particularly interested in geo, API-based businesses, developer tools, aggregation, SaaS, and messaging . My geographic focus is Germany (Berlin), London, and Barcelona. Please do NOT contact me about investing unless you are in one of these categories and locations, otherwise I probably will not answer.
    I'm currently an investor in:

    Abi Global Health (messaging)
    AVUXI* (geo, aggregation)
    Branch CI (developer tools)
    Cashwave (aggregation, friend of founder)
    Flock (geo)
    GetAgent* (geo, aggregation)
    Hubtype (messaging, developer tools)
    LastPOS (aggregation)
    Localistico (geo, aggregation)
    Nisgo (geo)
    Overleaf (aggregation)
    Perkbox (aggregation, friend of founder)
    Printastic (friend of founder)
    SplashMaps (geo)
    Storage Made Easy (friend of founders)
    Teragence (geo, aggregation)
    TinySeed (SaaS)
    What3Words (geo)
    * member of the board

    Many of these companies are hiring. You should join them.

  • I run #geomob, the geo meetup in London and Barcelona. Get on the mailing list, and I hope to see you at the next one.
  • I occasionally interview interesting people from the geo world on GeoHipster. I was interviewed back in 2014 (before it was cool, obviously).
  • Before moving to Barcelona in 2015 I spent ten years in London where I co-founded Lokku. We built the real estate search engine Nestoria, which we eventually operated in nine different countries. Our customers were all the major media groups across those markets.
  • My career started as the first software developer at Yahoo! Germany in Munich, way back in the early days of the internet. I spent five years there, and learned a lot. Initially I worked on various content products; my final two years I was head of search and marketplace engineering for Europe. Good times.
  • I grew up back and forth between the US and Germany. I'm not really "from" anywhere.
    The NY Times American dialect quiz says I speak English as if I'm from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bizzare as I've been there only once for a two day visit. Der Spiegel Sprachatlas behauptet ich würde so sprechen als ob ich aus Leinefelde käme, was aber nicht ganz zutrifft. Oft sind wir aber in Heiligenstadt, was nicht weit weg ist - meine Familie kommt da aus der Nähe. My Spanish is not yet magnífico, but gradually improving. My accent can probably best be described as "faltering tourist".