• One big focus of the week was working on #geomob.

    • set the date, venue and speakers for the next Barcelona event on 24th April.

    • moved the #geomob site to a new, non-London centric domain: thegeomob.com

    • after putting it off for years, I have finally set up a #geomob mailing list for those who prefer not to use twitter. The lsit will be very low volume, probably one email per month, with announcements and event summaries. It’s a small step to make it easier for people who can’t physically attend the events to still get some benefit. More ideas are in the works, and pushing #geomob will be one of the main projects for the year.

  • I again did a guest interview on the Rogue Startups podcast. This time Craig and I chatted about the challenges of the freemium model.

  • I discovered that there will be an APIdays conference in Barcelona in September. Excellent. I’ll almost certainly submit a talk, just need to figure out the exact topic. One big advatange of living in Barcelona is we regularly have great conferences.

  • I’m helping my friends at Abi look for some great engineers to join the team.

  • made it to the gym every day, but didn’t create the time to go swim.

The coming week is all about cranking through open projects as the following week I’m in Germany (ping me if you want to meet up in Berlin), and the week after that isMWC here in Barcelona which is always fun to see all the visitors, but also doesn’t leave much time for much else. So the next two weeks wil be a bit of a blur.