AVUXI provides travel sites with simple tools to help their users learn about the area around a hotel or vacation rental.

These tools increase the likelihood that a customer will book a hotel and thus raise revenue by several percent (data from existing customers).

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The heatmap is a map overlay that works with Google or Leaflet maps. Consumers can see which areas are popular for sight seeing, dining, shopping, and nightlife.

It is installed with a few lines of javascript. Read the tutorial, watch 2 min video.

Location Scores:

Location Scores show scores for any location. It can be styled in many different ways, showing just the scores and/or local POIs

The content is available in over 20 languages. Read the tutorial, watch 1 min video.

Here are the score for the coordinate 41.3984,2.1227, in the SarriĆ  neighbourhood of Barcelona.