Last week I read this great interview with Tom Standage of the Economist, and have been thinking about it off and on since. The key point that stuck out for me (an Economist print subscriber for last 20 years) was his description of what the product is that the Economist sells. 

we sell the antidote to information overload

and then 

The “you’ve got to the end and now you’ve got permission to go do something else” is something you never get. You can never finish the Internet, you can never finish Twitter, and you can never really finish The New York Times, to be honest. 

This is perfect. It is absolutely why I love the Economist. Not only do they summarise and analyse the events of the past week, but they throw in just the right amount of coverage of topics I would otherwise never read about. It is just enough and then it is done.  As I already mentioned in a post last summer about what I typically read, I would love to have an equivalent to the Economist auf deutsch. Bis jetzt habe ich so etwas leider nicht finden können. Wer schreibt mir so etwas? Nicht zu viel, aber auch nicht zu wenig. Wochentlich. In Print. Eine Zeitschrift, nicht eine Zeitung. Bin gerne bereit dafür eine ordentliche Summe zu bezahlen, genau wie ich es beim Economist mache. Gibt’s sowas?