After much procrastination I’ve finally moved the blog off of tumblr. I’m now making the site with jekyll and hosting on github pages. I’m liking it much more, and used it as a chance to finally make a very simple “about me” page which you can now find on

Jekyll is oddly conceptually similar to the “jake” system we built at yahoo about 15 years ago, so I feel right at home. Free hosting from github is ace. The biggest difficulty was importing all the old posts from tumblr. There is a migration tool, but I found it didn’t work, I think the underlying format of tumblr’s API has changed. Anyway, I had to write my own little adhoc tool which was easy enough.

My biggest regret is not having made this move much sooner. Next up is to move the #geomob blog off of tumblr and make that look a bit less adhoc.

Anyway the path is now cleared for a onslaught of blogging. There is much to tell as a few new projects are brewing.