Despite holding a very liberal view towards procrastination, two months into the year it feels like it’s time to finally post my new year’s resolutions. For those following along, here’s how I did on the 2016 goals.

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Have been in a good rhythm the last few months. Main enhancement is to add regular swimming to the mix.

  2. Various professional goals for the year: first up to keep pushing OpenCage from which I learn an immense amount. Secondly to focus and ramp up my angel investment (more on that in a future post), and finally to keep helping all the various start-ups I’m currently involved with. Here in Barcelona it feels like the tech scene is really taking off, so a final goal will be to engege with more people locally, mainly through the vehicle of thematic dinners or lunches I think. I’d like to set one up with other people working on self-funded/bootstraped SaaS businesses. So if that is you please ping me and we’ll meet up.

  3. Summer in Berlin. Basic plan is to spend 10 weeks back in Berlin as soon as school gets out for the summer. Anyone who wants to loan me their apartment should get in touch ASAP. Likewise anyone who wants to meet up while there. Ideally you also have an office I can work from. Danke. Am also toying with the idea of being based in Potsdam as it has been great every time I’ve visited. Anyone have an opinion?

  4. Cooking. I do most of the cooking for my kids and I and I’m in a bit of a rut. Need to find more things that are simple to cook, healthy, and that the kids will devour. Suggestions welcome.

  5. An interesting trip or two. Not sure where to yet. Since having kids six years ago, almost all of my travel has been to familiar places. Usually to see relatives. That is great but it’s time to venture somewhere new again. Am hoping to make it to Gotland by ship in the summer to meet some friends.

  6. Read more good fiction. I really need to find some new stuff. Am toying with the idea of setting up a regular book club. Who’s in? Ideally auf deutsch and in English.

  7. Just like last year, and hopefully related to point 5 - more time in nature.

Given my so-so record on last year’s goals I’m inclined to say the list is now long enough. So that’s it. Time to get to work.