This weekend marked seven years since my company Lokku was officially founded.  By coincidence it turns out to be the exact day we registered the domain, our first brand.


    Domain name:

    Registrant: Ed Freyfogle

    …     Relevant dates: Registered on: 16-Feb-2006

I actually remember that day, it was Javier and I working out of my flat near Holland Park with literally nothing but a laptop and an idea. 

Today we have a great team that helps us run a profitable business that runs a service used by millions of people around the world, and major media brands of the world are our satisfied customers. I’m mixed on whether to be deeply satisfied at what we’ve accomplished in the last seven years, or horrified at how quickly the time as past. A bit of both I guess.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make it a reality. Our investors, our clients, but most of all our team. We’ve been very fortunate to have a great group to go on this adventure with us.

And now I’m going to head off to visit our internal Facebook group where we keep pictures from team events and such. If you have a start-up I can’t recommend enough that you set something like that up. Your start-up may succeed, or it may fail, but the memories are truely priceless.