Made it back from our week in Mitteleuropa. If you think that is minor you have never traveled for 10+ hours with a toddler.

Now that we’re back I plan to start posting much more regularly.

First up, let me announce that we (Lokku) are hiring. The full description can be found here. This is a great role for someone who wants to learn all the realities of running a high traffic web site that handles lots of data. We tackle all the challenges you would expect of a search engine - relevancy, speed, usability, etc - but also lots of topics specific to our domain like geo. We have the full train set - every millisecond counts, there is tons of data flowing through the system, and we do the whole thing with a small, highly international team of experts. We have the fun and freedom of a start-up which we combine with the financial stability of a company that has been profitable for many years.

If all this appeals to you, please get in touch and we’ll start the process.