Long time, no post. Such is the reality of moving to a new place, trying to set up a new business (more about that soon), and doing all that before heading off on a bit of holiday.

Nevertheless there’s no shortage of things to write about. We’ve opened up several new roles at Lokku, both permanent and temporary, business and product. We have lots of interesting things going on from new brands to a total re-branding of Nestoria that will go live in a few months time.

Besides all the standard perks, we offer the best of both worlds - a profitable, international consumer internet business with loyal customers and used by millions of people every month, but also the informality and room for creativity of a start-up. Based on 7 years of experience (I’m dumbfounded that it’s been that long) I can confidently say that Lokku is a great place to learn a lot. You will work hard on real business problems with internet veterans, but in a “safe” environment (ie you don’t need to worry that the business will be gone in 3 months time). One of the things I’m proudest of is the alumni network we’ve built up, and we always make an effort to invite past team members to our events and celebrations. We recently redesigned our corporate page to emphasize that.

Please get in touch if it sounds appealing.