Well, I’m not off to a great start with my resolution of posting timely week notes, but better late than never. Last week was spent almost entirely offline relaxing with friends and family in Heiligenstadt. High points included a great hike through the snow, swimming, sleeping, and building a snow man with my son. Low point was definitely seeing my 88 year old grandmother, who recently fell and broke her arm, suffering. But hopefully she’s now on the path to recovery.

On Thursday I was in Berlin for the day and had some interesting meetings with the teams from Berlin sucht Dich and the recently acquired localstre.am, amongst others. The visit was too short, but a good small step towards my goal of spending more time there this summer.

Overall a very badly needed week of relaxation, exercise, and generally being offline.

On Saturday I hoped the train down to Frankfurt and set off to Delhi. This week is all about India, and looks to be very hectic, but also very rewarding.  We’ve been working very hard on Nestoria India for the last four years. Winning the trust of partners has not been easy, but we have learned a lot and hopefully now have a very solid basis on which to build much more. This week is all about exploring what that should be and how we should go about it. It will also be a great chance to finally meet some people I’ve only interacted with online, not least Sajjad, one of our advisors on OpenCage Data. If you’re in Bangalore on Friday evening and want to hear me speak about the challenges of Indian geocoding that we experience at Nestoria India, (along with other geotalks) please attend the #geomob / #geo_BLR event we’re organizing.