This week was a bit of back to reality. The first few days were still spent on a bit of holiday in Heiligenstadt, then came back to London with my son, where we met up with my wife and daughter who had been in the US while we were in Germany and India. My 3 month old daughter appears to have doubled in size in the two weeks I hadn’t seen her.

My wife brought back a belated Christmas present - the Wes Anderson Collection - which is, in short, amazing.

Returning to London we flew from Hannover to London, a route I’ve never taken before and it was great, much faster than Frankfurt or Hamburg. Will definitely try to use that going forward. Nevertheless though, international travel with a three year old is draining. Unfortunately, upon getting back I then had to dive right back into work. This week we hosted a team from one of our biggest German customers. It was very productive, both sides learned a lot and we found lots of areas to optimize the partnership, but it also meant I am way behind on following up with everything from India.

One of the best aspects of returning to the office was seeing all the progress on our recent office revamp project, not least our radically improved meeting room. Also good is that we’ve been able to hire promising candidates for some of our open positions. We’ve also launched the hunt for someone to help us launching Nestoria in Mexico, one of our key projects this year. Get in touch if you’re the one.

On the negative side of the ledger, not much progress on #operationpeakfitness, so that, and just getting settled back in to the London working rhythm, will be the key focus for the coming week.