Just over a year ago I blogged about the lack off offline innovation around OpenStreetMap

Today I’m very happy to report that my role in this debate has moved from sideline spectator to active player - we (Lokku) have invested in SplashMaps! As I go into in the post over on the Lokku blog, I’m excited about this investment for a lot of reasons. But above all else because this is just a great product for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Hopefully very soon, using the power of the global OSM community, the SplashMaps team will be able to launch globally.

In many ways a printed map is the past, but in many more ways - crowdsourced opendata, mass customization, e-commerce, and global potential - this is the future. I’m really looking forward to working with the SplashMaps team to help them make their start-up a thriving business.

GigaOm has some good coverage of the investment, including a glamorous shots of me modelling a SplashMap.