I’ve again managed to let it go for almost two weeks with posting some new notes, for whatever reason I haven’t yet been able to make it a habit.

Spring has arrived in London. It’s that awesome time of year where I still get excited to leave the office and see it’s still light out.

Work wise, the main focus of the last week has been India, particularly looking at how we can reinforce the team with local knowledge, better geocode listings on Nestoria India, and whether we should expose our geocoder to the world and if so how. More on that soon.

I also managed to venture beyond the city walls and head down to near Winchester for a half-day to kick off our involvement with SplashMaps. Very refreshing to recapture the vibe of such an early stage company, not least because they have a great product. Now it is all about execution for the SM team.

As for me, main focus is now figuring out the logistics of summer in Berlin. Not simple as my wife’s work situation is a bit chaotic at the moment.

I leave you with this link to the ever delightful #fynct. Ciao.