For the last 8 years I was a happy customer of BE Broadband and would often recommend them to others. The service always worked well, the price was fair,  and the support was excellent when I needed it (basically when I moved, I had no other real interactions with them).

Unfortunately BE was bought by Sky, I have now been “migrated” to Sky and Sky is charging me a “supplement” for not having sky talk and sky TV. Also a credit card admin charge even though I pay my bill by direct debit. In general I’m not a big fan of paying for things I don’t use or that are factual errors. 

So, I’m quitting sky ASAP. Who should I switch to? I do not want TV service (I don’t own a TV, don’t want to own a TV). Also I don’t want phone service. Right now I have phone service with the Post Office because it was a requirement to have internet and it was the cheapest available (the good folks at BE told me that). I don’t actually have a phone plugged in.