Life in Berlin is excellent, apart from the intense heat/mugginess. Few things* more pleasing than cycling through Tiergarten past the Reichstag on a summer morning on the way to work. Massive thanks to awesome team from Linko who let me hang out in their penthouse and suck up the wifi.

The only downside of the summer so far is tht our flat, because it is not lived in full time, does not have an internet connection. I’ve bought a dongle from O2, and it is frankly the most infuriating technical experience I’ve had in many years (and everyone who knows me knows that I frustrate due to technical things very easily, so this is saying something). The good news is that this forces me to be on a strict digital diet which is great, though it has and will reduce the blogging. The flipside is that our flat has an amazing library and I am doing a deep dive into into Stefan Zweig, Elias Canetti and Marion Dönhoff.


In other good news work will take me to Schwerin next week to visit a customer, a corner of Deutschland I’ve never yet visited (and I believe the only Landeshauptstadt I’ve not yet visited).

  • actually one thing more awesome is hoping on the tube, going four stops, getting off at Grunewald and quickly being in an actual forest, which is what we did last Saturday. Well done Berlin!