One of the great things about life in Spain is the 10 week summer school break, which means we actually have time to go somewhere for an extended trip. Last summer we went to Thüringen for two weeks, I took a train around Europe with friends, and then we were in the US for all of August, first on Lake Michigan and then in Colorado.

Thi summer the plan is to return to Berlin for July and August, just like we did in 2017 (Prenzlauer Berg) and 2014 (Moabit).

This summer, to mix things up, we’d like to live more towards the southwest of town, or possibly even in Potsdam. Anyone want to rent us (me, my wife, two kids) their flat? The kids (8, 5) are small enough to easily share a room, so two bedrooms would do, though more would also gladly work. Ideally from mid-July until early Sept though some of that time we’ll go to Thüringen and some other travel.

We don’t need anything fancy, the main requirement is child friendliness of the neighbourhood. Easy access to the lakes would be great.

Finally, I’d love to meet with anyone doing anything interesting related to location based services. If that’s you please get in touch. If anyone has a spare space in their office they’d like to loan me, I’d be most appreciative. Otherwise I’ll probably work out of a co-working space, so if you have strong opinions about which is better in that part of town, please share.