January has turned into February, and my goal to be a bit more proactive on the blog has slipped away. As keen readers will have noted I still have not even posted my 2020 goals. That will be addressed in the near future, but today I wanted to dash off my month notes (spoiler: last year’s attempt at week notes has been declared a failure and hence abandoned).

Here’s what I got up to in January:

  • The year started slowly, in that after so much travel last summer, we just stayed in Barcelona for Christmas and New Year’s. Here in Spain school doesn’t restart until the 8th, so it is a lengthy break, and by the time things got rolling again everyone was ready. It was a good chance to recharge the batteries though as the coming months look to be very busy.

  • Then I was off to London for the first Geomob of the year (read the summary, several meetings around planning for 2020, and - since we weren’t able to do it before Christmas - we had a big celebratory lunch with team members, advisors, and just general “friends of the business, to celebrate all the progress on OpenCage over the last year. Good times.

  • A week later we had the first Geomob Barcelona of 2020 (summary) which had good speakers, and a great turn out both of regulars and several people who came along for the first time. It feels like we have hit critical mass. Our next event will be on 6th of May, I am on the hunt for speakers, please let me know if you would like to speak.

  • I’ve continued guest co-hosting the bootstrapped.fm podcast with Steve. Have a listen if you want to learn about life inside OpenCage, and while I have neglected posting my personal goals for the year, we did do an episode about company goals that you may enjoy.

  • I have been really enjoying the History of English podcast and Dein Potsdam

  • Continuing on the theme of podcasts, we have recorded the first episode of the soon-to-be-launched Geomob podcast. This is one of my big projects for the year as a way to grow Geomob beyond just the cities we are currently in. More soon, we are hoping to launch by the end of February.

  • We have booked a trip to the Azores. No idea why but this is a place I have always had to the “to visit” list. All tips and recommendations gladly received.

  • Beyond that trip lots of planning for th year ahead. Booking trips and such.

  • Like many people I used the new year to kick off a renewed drive on fitness. it’s going well. I was quite active in the autumn, but now have been very diligent about it and feel great.

I’m sure there were more. but those are the things that stand out.