A few weeks ago it was my pleasure to chat with Craig Hewitt on the RogueStartups podcast. You can give the hour long episode a listen here, or, my recommendation, subscribe to RogueStartups in the podcast listening software of your choice.

I have been a listener for the past six months or so - since first meeting Craig at MicroConf EU last November, where we were both speakers. The two hosts, Craig and Dave Rodenbaugh offer an enjoyable, but also useful, behind-the-scenes peek at running SaaS businesses. As a fan it was great to go on the show. I talked a bit about how we do things at OpenCage, also some of the differences between life in a lifestyle SaaS business and a more traditional start-up like what I did with Lokku previously. I hope you enjoy the conversation and find it useful.

Similarly, it was my pleasure to be a guest on Jane Portman’s UI Breakfast Podcast a few weeks ago, where I talked a bit about some of the topics that had come up in my MicroConf EU presentation.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.