Like many people I know, I’ve gotten totally fed up with Facebook, and I would love to delete my account. There are a few people I only really stay in touch with on FB, but it is easy enough to just tell them a different way to contact me.

But one thing has left me stuck: When we started Lokku many years ago we also started a private FB group to put pictures of team events and such. When new employees joined the company they would be invited into the group, and when employees left - assuming they left on good terms, which the vast majority did - we kept them in the group so they could stay in touch. Over time the group grew, and even though we never had more than 20 employees at any one time, the group now has 60 members, hundreds of photos, and still has the occasional life update or sentimental reminisce about the glory days.

My question is how can I - with the minimum mount of effort for myself and the group members - best replace this group somewhere else?

Final point - yes, I am planning to stop using FB and still use whatsapp. One step at a time.