I have spent an hour behind a truck full of hay. I have swum in an Alpine lake. Twice in one day. I have eaten 16 kinds of cheese in a single meal. We have drunk all the wine. I have seen Mont Blanc. Ich habe versucht (und dann aufgegeben) Schweizerdeutsch zu verstehen. I have settled for the generic Italian restaurant because my kids wanted pizza. I have seen old friends and made new. I have hoisted my son on my shoulders so we could pick the ripe cherries. I have kayaked through the Pont d'Arc. I have sat on the terrace watching the sun set and moon rise over endless Ard├Ęche forest with no other buildings in site. I have been stung my mosquitos. I have installed the Corona-Warn-App. I have wandered the hills with no purpose but to wander. I have left lock down.

I hope your summer is going as well as mine