I’m pleased to announce I’ll be speaking at GeoIoT World in Brussels on Wednesday, June 13th. The focus of the conference is “Where Geolocation Powers IoT innovation”.

My talk, titled “The critical missing ingredient: simplicity” will focus on my main geo angel investing thesis: that the traditional geo industry as a whole is too fixated on technical perfection and not enough on usability; that simplicity and understandability are key features that can differentiate successful businesses, especially in the face of an industry relentlessly focused on “yet another feature”.

I’ll run through some of the success stories I’ve seen in almost a decade of running #geomob, dive into some examples in my own angel investing, and talk a bit about how this philosophy guides us in building the OpenCage Geocoder.

Let me know if you have any thoughts (agree or disagree) on this topic, not least as the conference requires me to submit my slides well before hand. My usually strategy of finding inspiration in the final minutes before heading on stage won’t work.

See you in Brussels, I hope.