Great news: my proposal to speak at MicroConf Europe has been accepted!

From the 12-14th of November I’ll be in Lisbon, listening to and learning from fellow founders of bootstrapped businesses. If you’re unfamiliar with MicroConf and have a self-funded digital business you should stop reading this and immediately go watch all the videos of speakers from past conferences. It is a treasure trove of hard-won knownledge from founders for founders.

I’m looking forward to telling our story at OpenCage and sharing a few lessons we’ve learned along the way. I think the main focus of my talk will be on building a global customer base - too many of the examples I see are too US centric and thus not always applicable to European founders. Nevertheless, if you’ve been following our progress please do send me any suggestions you have for topics you’d like me to cover in the talk.

This will also be my first trip to Lisbon, about which I’ve heard many great things. It often gets compared (favourably) to Barcelona. All recommendations welcome as I’ll probably go a day or two ahead of the conference to be able to explore a bit.



UPDATE: MicroConf was great. Best conference I have been to in years. Here’s a great summary.