Today begins my attempt to restart the Week Notes tradition, as alluded to in my 2019 goals.

I’ll try to have them up by Tuesday of the following week. I think the key is finding a dead simple format, which will probably be bullet points.

  • This was the first week of the year, so the kids are out of school, which means I don’t get much “work” done. Also only made it to the gym once, unfortunately. Did manage to have some fun soccer games with the kids though.

  • Lots of planning for the year, trying to layout the schedule of major trips. Also some minor trips, for example, in two weeks I’ll be in London for #geomob. Ping me if you want to meet up.

  • Relatedly, I nailed down the details of the March 19th #geomob.

  • Like most people, took a bit of time for reflection on the year past, and the year to come. This included looking back on my personal 2018 goals, posting my 2019 goals, and sending out my “state of the business” update to the OpenCage advisory board.

  • had a nice lunch with a fellow expat in the BCN tech scene.

  • New Year’s Eve was very low key, though I did have a very nice view of the Barcelona fireworks from my terrace.

  • Had a friend over for dinner, and other friends over for a nice lunch. Cooked up big meals for both.

  • Made a long list of “todos” to dive into as soon as we are back on a normal schedule. Here in Spain that means not until the 8th of Jan.

Overall a very slow week with a “zwischen den Jahren” feel. It always drags on a bit longer than you want, which is actually probably needed.