This was the first real week of the year here in Spain, and it was good to get back to work and the normal routine after the long break

  • That said, Monday was still a school holiday, so I spent it with the kids. We went hiking and caught a lizard.
  • I shaved my moustache, which had - if I do say so myself - become quite impressive. I had been growing it since the train trip in July.

  • Spent some time researching, planning, and booking trip for the coming months. Most immediately, this week I am in London for #geomob (do come along), a GetAgent board meeting, and a few other meetings. Ping me if you want to meet up. I’m staying in Clerkenwell.

  • Also on the medium term agenda is a trip to Germany in February. Will visit a friend in Hamburg and then ICE it to Berlin for a few days.

  • In the spirit of getting back in the routine I made it to the gym every work day and got in one very good swim. Hoping to do more this week in London at Iron Monger Row.

  • I announced the first #geomobBCN which will happen on 30th of January. I’m really hopeful we can get the scene going here in Barcelona.

  • I had a lunch with start-up founder here in Barcelona. He is deep in the slog. Many successes but not yet broken out. In many ways this is the hardest stage of the journey.

  • It has gotten unusually cold here and apparently a blizzard is coming in a week or so.

  • went to a fun jazz guitar concert and then a nice dinner

Overall, happy to be back in the routine of work, and looking forward to London next week and #geomobBCN at the end of the month.