• This week was mainly about my trip to London. I was there for Tues-Fri, stacked full of meetings and a great #geomob. You can see me here in action:
  • Confirmed another speaker for the upcoming #geomobBCN on 30th Jan.

  • Made time to swim twice while in London.

  • Brutal return trip in which my flight was slightly delayed, then arrived at BCN to realize the taxis were striking, and just missed the final 1AM bus. Managed to get one of the last metros and then walk for a few miles before finally getting home at about 3AM. Fun times.

  • OpenCage made it on to the Geoawesomeness list of top 100 geo companies. Which is nice.

The coming week will be the first full 5-work-day week of the year for me in Barcelona, so finally we are fully back into the normal rythym.