• First full work week of the year in Barcelona.

  • Lots of little things to follow up on from last week’s trip to London.

  • Failed on one of my 2019 goals: with brexit looming I ordered some clothes from the UK as who knows if this will be possible from April. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible for my to buy clothing in Spain as they don’t really have clothes for tall people. But, aside from that slight deviation all the goals are on track.

  • Speaking of 2019 goals, made it to the gym every day and went for a nice swim today, which puts me at four swims in January, and thus well on track for the 30 swims goal. Not sure If I am doing well, or the goal was to unambitious. Regardless, feel great.

  • Encouraging meeting with an accountant about my impossibly complex tax situation.

  • Went down the hill to Poblenou for lunch with a friend

  • Long bike ride in the sunshine on Saturday with my son, tried out the new bicing bikes. Big improvement. Now we “just” need more bike lanes. That and an equivalent to oyster cards are my two wishes for Barcelona transport.

The coming week will be very focused on work as we have #geomobBCN on 30th Jan, a member of the OpenCage advisory board is coming for a visit and to help thrash out plans for 2019 and beyond, and a few new marketing experiments go live.