• The week started off strongly when I was surprised to discover a new episode of my friend the Finanzwesir’s podcast. Wenn Finanzen dein Thema ist kann ich dir nur raten zu zuhören.

  • #geomobBCN was a great success! Many thanks to everyone who came along, the speakers, and especially our hosts Coworkidea. There were far more people than I had hoped for, and most importantly the mood was great. Several folks volunteered to speak at the next event which will be 24th of April (blog post hopefully coming this week)

  • Was proud that OpenCage could sponsor GeoHipster. We had some fun designing our ad. We’ve also started sponsoring Giuseppe Sollazzo’s “In other news” weekly newsletter about data. You should sign up.

  • Much of the week was hosting a friend / OpenCage advisor who visiting. Was good fun, only downside being that I managed to catch a slight cold and thus didn’t exercise as much as I would hope.

No big plans for the coming week beyond getting healthy and cranking through a few projects.