Well, gentlereader, as we see I’m not doing a great job on the week notes. I chose to let other tasks take priority. My apologies to all of you sitting their endlessly refreshing your screens in desperate hopes of a new post.

A few things to report:

  • we had the second #geomobBCN. Six great speakers (thanks) and good discussions afterwards over geobeers. Next one will be in early October I think. Happily we already have a few volunteers to speak.

  • We’ve rolled out a few new features at OpenCage: roadinfo, and UN M49 codes.

  • I have regained my rightful foursquare crown as mayor of my gym. I’ve been putting in the hours.

  • Still working on the logistics of the summer. Not quite there yet.

  • My wife was away for two weeks for a long work trip to South Africa, so the joys of single parenthood were once again mine.

  • Had a few vistors. Since Christmas we have had somoene visiting almost every two weeks. One of the best aspects of life in Barcelona is that people love to visit.

  • One bit of angel investing portfolio news, my friends at Hubtype have raised a funding round to, as they say, “go beyond chatbots”. Nice work!