What I got up to in February:

  • We launched the Geomob podcast. Subscribe!

  • I was in London for the Move2020 event, which was slightly exhausting, but also a very cool window into the future. The conference is about the future of mobility, a part of our culture that is changing a lot. This is very visible here in Barcelona where more and more scooters, electirc bikes, and electric mopeds are appearing on the streets. This is a welcome change in terms of reducing air and noise pollution. Unfortunately the physical infrastructure isn’t quite there yet, we need to convert car lanes into micromobility lanes ASAP. Anyway, the conference was a great chance to see all the innovation in the space. So many start-ups, different transportation modes, business models. If you’re at all interested in this space I can recommend the Micromobility podcast.

  • The kids had winter break, so we went to the Azores, which was fantastic. While there we celebrated my birthday with a visit to the Terra Nostra Garden, which was very nice.

  • Some angel investing updates: I invested in BranchCI and Summit.

  • We hosted a few visitors. The tourist season is starting to ramp up here in Barcelona, though it seems the unfortunate cancellation of MWC is a sign of things to come.

  • My proposal to speak at Femtoconf in Darmstadt in May was accepted. I’ll be talking about tactical tips for running a SaaS business.

  • Other than that, the plans for the coming months are a bit up in the air with the virus uncertainty. Will see if I’m able to go forward with planned trips to London and Munich in March.

  • steady progress on the training, getting (staying) in great shape. Included a nice hike in the Catalonian hills.