Last week was quite easily the worst week of the year so far:

  • My wife was away for work, which is very normal, but means everything falls to me

  • My son caught a bad cold / fever - one day I had to go pick him up from school in the middle of the day, another day he had to stay home. This unfortunately meant I have to cancel a few appointments.

  • By the end of the week he had passed the cold to me, and for whatever reason it is hitting me much harder than him.

  • Finally, on Sunday I reached to move a heavy bag and managed to totally throw my back out. I have never had an injury like this, and have basically spent the days since laying in bed, screaming in agony at the slightest motion. Having had the good luck to have lived a very healthy life, this is easily the most painful situation I have ever been in. Simultaniously recovering from a cold isn’t helping things. It seems it will take weeks to recover and in the current state don’t think I could make my final pre-brexit trip to London which is scheduled for next week.

  • In better news, a start-up I am a very minor angel in raised funding. A very nice milestone for them, but the unfortunate flip side of the coin was that I had to waste about three hours at a notary to sign the documents. Frankly it is shameful that Spain did not use the economic crisis as a chance to improve such antiquated and expensive processes.

Forward, to good health and the future!