After a bit of a laziness-induced haitus I am back to doing week notes.

You, gentlereader, find me penning these notes from the ancesteral homeland where the kids and I are visiting the grandparents over Easter. It is geat, lots of hiking and swiming.

Merging the highlights from the last few weeks:

  • My amigo Muthu hosted the first #geomobMUC in Munich. Thank you, Muthu! Due to Easter break I couldn’t make it, but sounds like it was a great event. One step closer to global domination for geomob. Which is nice.

  • managed to celerbate another fun #notbrexitday! Looking forward to the next one.

  • made it to the August Sander exhibit in Barcelona. I had seen many of these portraits before, but many years ago and regardless always a delight to revisit.

  • Went to Mallorca for the first time, and it was fantastic:

In angel investing portfolio news:

Main things for post-Easter