Just over a year ago I wrote a post about all the companies I work with or am an investor in who were hiring. That post was very popular - I guess the end of the year is a natural time to look for a new job - so I thought I’d update the list.

Just like last year, if any of the roles interest you please contact the relevant company directly, though of course I’m also more than happy to also explain why I think each company is great and worth joining.

Ok, let’s dive in to the jobs:

  • First up there’s my own personal SaaS project, the OpenCage Geocoder. We aren’t hiring for any full time jobs, but we are happy to pay anyone as a one off if you’d like to write a wrapper library for our API in any programming language we don’t yet have (see the full list). Our API is not complex, this is a very straight forward task. Besides payment, we will of course credit you fully for your work - here is a recent example. We would particularly like to see libraries for the languages Lua, Scala, and C++, but we are happy to pay for all languages. Please get in touch if you’d like to help us out.

Moving on to companies I am an investor in (listed in alphabetical order)

  • Abi Global Health (read why I invested)
    Abi is making medical advice available to to everyone via messaging. They have spent this year continually refining the product (not least during their time as one of a handful of companies invited to participate in the Google Madrid Campus residency program), and closing deals with health insurance companies. Inventing the future is hard, but they are getting there. Usage is growing fast and they will soon need additional resources in engineering and finance. Please get in touch with them if their mission excites you. They are based in Barcelona, but also open to working remotely.

  • AVUXI (read why I invested)
    AVUXI builds products that help consumers understand location context. Their customers are companies large and small in the online travel space. They recently closed a significant funding round from Amadeus Ventures, the venture arm of Amadeus, the global travel and tourism software provider. They have more customer interest than they can handle, and are thus looking for a full-time data engineer to be based in Barcelona.

  • Flock (read why I invested)
    Based in London, Flock provides pay-as-you-fly drone insurance. This year they moved from idea to live service, via a major partnership with Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurance providers. Combining geo with fintech and drones, this business is innovating rapidly. The icing on the cake is the great team. They have several open engineering roles.

  • Hubtype (read why I invested)
    My friends at Hubtype continue to thrive. This year saw the addition of many customers, and some small trials with big consumer names will be expanding their use of hubtype significantly in the coming months. As you might expect given that they work in such a rapidly evolving space, the team has ambitious plans for 2018, and as such they are looking to hire a full-time full stack developer to be based at their office in Barcelona. BTW if you are at all interested in the messaging space you should sign up for their monthly Messaging Business Trends newsletter.

  • Localistico
    Localistico continues on their mission to help brands manage their location data. Sounds simple, but the complexity grows every day. Happily so has their customer base. This summer the company closed a large seed round - I was delighted to again participate after first investing in the original angel round in 2016. They have open engineering roles in London, Madrid or remote.

  • Overleaf (read why I invested)
    Overleaf (known as writeLaTeX when I invested) is reinventing academic publishing. The highlight of this year was the acquisition of ShareLaTeX, their largest competitor. They are now in the process of combining the best features of both services, all while also launching a steady flow of new partnerships with academic journals and research institutions, and keeping their hundreds of thousands of users happy. If you believe - as I do - that science can help the world, go join Overleaf and help science move more quickly.

  • Perkbox (read why I invested)
    Perkbox is largest and fastest growing company on this list. They continue to grow rapidly by helping companies delight their employees and customers. This year I had the chance to work with the product/dev team at Perkbox on a small consulting project. They are a highly motivated and fun team, inventing a great product that their customers love. Business is booming (they recently completed their first acquisition), and they are hiring for multiple roles in London and Sheffield. Join them.

  • Storage Made Easy
    If selling enterprise software is your game, join my friends at SME. This year they added a few more big name clients (regularly beating out some of the biggest names in the industry) and partnerships while opening their presence in the US. The foundation is laid for significant growth in 2018, and they now need to expand the sales team to get their rock solid product in the hands of customers. A great chance to work with a global team at the cutting edge of the enterprise software industry.

  • Teragence (read why I invested)
    With masses of anonymized network performance data and customers that quickly want to turn that data into actions, Teragence needs the help of people with the skill set of manipulating large amounts of data, formulating hypotheses, filtering them out of the data, and testing them. Initially part time/ as a freelancer. Get in touch with them if swimming in big pools of geodata is your thing.

  • What3Words
    Just like 2016, 2017 has been another big year for What3Words. Several more countries adopted the service as their postal code system (including being added to stamps in Djibouti - it does not get more geogeek than that!), Deutsche Bahn invested (DB is the second largest logistics company in the world), and Mercedes-Benz will begin supporting 3-word addresses in their navigation systems. They have job openings for numerous roles, in locations from London to South Africa to Mongolia to Saudi Arabia. Join.them.now

That concludes the list of companies that are hiring, but there are a few others it is my pleasure to be involved with as well (they just happen to not be hiring right now), specifically:

  • Cashwave
    Corporate gift cards / loyalty programs, primarily in Eastern Europe.

  • GetAgent (read why I invested)
    Independent, data-driven analysis of which UK estate agent is the best to sell your home.

  • Printastic (read why I invested)
    The absolute simplest way to print your digital photos.

  • Showroom
    E-commerce technology that allows the UK’s best independent brands to sell via top influencers.

  • SplashMaps
    Maps on fabric. Fantastic gift for anyone into the outdoors.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope you’re a good match for one of these companies.