Just like in previous years (2018, 2017, 2016), it’s time to look back on how I did with my annual goals

So how did I do this year? I’ve quoted them below, but you can review the 2019 goals post before you start.


Keep up my exercise regime from last year.

I’m going to score myself a B+ here. I’ve been quite good about going to the gym, but I need to find some new activities to do there, I’m getting bored. Also, I need to find more physical things to do outside, but unfortunately my neighborhood is not so well-designed for that.

Go swimming (by which I mean at least 30 laps in a single go) at least 25 times

Unfortunately I didn’t do a great (or indeed, any) job of keeping track of how many times I swam. If I had to guess I would say 15 times. One to improve on next year (though am hoping to get in another swim this weekend)

Less alcohol, less meat

Well, meat - especially red meat - is very much reduced.

General lifestyle goals

Buy nothing new.

I wasn’t able to follow this one strictly, I did buy a new pair of shoes last week, three new sweaters, and a few new shirts (the last time I was in London - it is impossible to purchase clothes that fit in Spain), but all of that I purchased only after old things wore out. I also repaired and patched a lot of things. Will definitely try to keep this one going in 2020, am enjoying having fewer things.

July and August back in Berlin

Done! Was great. Particularly enjoyed Potsdam and am seriously considering moving there. Altmark and canoeing down the Elbe were also excellent. Hope to do it all again next summer.

Get more active here on the blog.

I didn’t keep the momentum on week notes, though I now wish I had. Probably will try again next year. Taking a more positive view, I did in total over 35 posts in 2019, which is more than 2018 and 2017 combined. So at least things are moving in the right direction.


More outdoor adventures with my kids

Lots of fun in the summer, but getting out of Barcelona without a car is a real chore, and thus we end up not doing it enough. Need to rethink my strategy here.

Help my daughter learn to read

We’re making good, steady progress.


Create a meetup for bootstrap SaaS founders here in Barcelona.

The group is small, but it now exists. We do regular lunches about once a quarter and had an enjoyable Christmas dinner. Get in touch if you are in BCN and want to join us.

Create a meetup for expats in the digital scene here in Barcelona.

Total failure, didn’t take that idea forward at all.

Organize at least two BCN #geomobs.

Proud to say we had three #geomobBCNs in 2019 and our first of 2020 will be on January 15th. I hope to see you there! Big thanks to CoWorkIdea who host the event, would not be possible without their help. Much to my delight Geomob Munich is also thriving and in October the first ever Geomob Lisbon was also held. Looking forward to much more in 2020.


The biggest challenge this year was moving the business from the UK to Germany due to Brexit (some details). In the end it has not been very complicated, but has necessitated many behind the scenes changes: a new Stripe account, new bank, new accountants, etc. Lots of tedious little steps, but am delighted to be done with Brexit. Godspeed to my friends in the UK. I hope it ends well. Beyond that the business continues the steady progress that typifies SaaS. We have more and more satisfied customers all around the world. Want to learn more? A good place to start is this interview I did with MapScaping a few months ago.

Angel investing

Only two investments this year: LastPOS and as an LP in TinySeed, but this was also driven by the need to use funds to follow on in existing investments. Perhaps 2020 will be the year of an exit or two…

New Skills

Get Spanish drivers license

No progress at all. Just can’t find the motivation to spend the time and effort.


Trips to new places

Made it to Alaska, great time (and food) in Colorado and New Mexico. Explored eastern Mallorca. Also went to Münster for the first time ever. As above, Potsdam and Altmark in the summer were great. All of that and several trips to London, Berlin, and Heiligenstadt, meant that I have enjoyed doing no travel at all since October.


I didn’t make it to SotM in Heidelberg, unfortunately, but I did make it to MicroConf EU in Dubrovnik and it was ace. I’m looking forward to next year.


Record everything I read so I can do a “what I read in 2019” post

That very post was published OVER A WEEK AGO because I am so on the ball. I am so on the ball I also did a post about the podcasts I have been listening to.

That’s it. Looking back I have the sense it was a quiet year. Heads down toiling on tedious things like changing legal jurisdiction. I’m happy with the progress on many fronts, but need to find ways to shake things up a bit more in the coming year.

In the next few days I’ll publish my goals for 2020.