After having taken a digital break over the holidays it is time (as per tradition - see the 2016 reflection post) to reflect on how I did versus last year’s goals. I’m not expecting a lot of feedback, but I do find making the goals public increases my motivation (albeit only slightly).

So, gentle reader, here were 2017’s goals. How did I do?

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Overall I’d give myself an 8/10, mainly due to a strong finish towards the end of the year. Am in the best shape I’ve been in in a few years. That said, I have not succeed in my goal of finding a convenient way to add regular long-distance swimming to the mix.

  2. Professionally, a mixed year. I’d say 6/10. Steady progress but no ablsolute highlights. OpenCage continues it’s steady, albeit slow, path to global domination which is great. A highlight was presenting at MicroConf, which I hope to attend again in 2018. Angel investing continues, though this year was more about following on with and helping - in whatever fashion - the existing portfolio of investments rather than new investments. The only new investments were Flock and Printastic, both at the very beginning of the year. The good news is that almost all the companies are doing well, many are hiring, you should join one. Who knows perhaps in 2018 we’ll see an exit or two …

  3. Summer in Berlin was excellent 10/10. Fantastic. Great apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, great neighbours, great activities for the kids, great bike lanes for cruising around. Great side trips to Dresden, Potsdam, Erfurt. Loved it.

  4. Cooking more diverse meals 2/10. Disappointingly I didn’t make great progress on diversifying the diet. Nevertheless, continuing to eat well.

  5. Some interesting trips. Highlights were visiting friends on Gotland in Sweden for a week in July and exploring Lisbon during Microconf in November, both totally new places for me. Südtirol for Easter was not new to me, but was still excellent. Great example of a region with mass tourism but done in a sustainable way.

  6. More good fiction. Sadly only a 4/10. I have read a ton, but very little stands out. Still, we have to celebrate a year in which Le Carre’s follow up to The Spy who came in from the Cold was released.

  7. More time in nature. Hmm, perhaps a 3/10. I definitely spent more time outside which has been great,but much of that has been in cities. One I hope to do better on next year.

There we have it. Some successes, some failures, such is the nature of life.

The 2018 goals will be up later this week.