Spent almost all of last week just recovering from a cold and completely wrenching my back. Was a very humbling week, but I am happy to report that I am feeling great. Other than laying in bed, reading, and following brexit I didn’t much done at all.

Few real accomplishments this week:

  • I sent out the first #geomob monthly newsletter. For the first one I kept the format very basic, but felt good to get the first one out.

  • Started the hunt for a place in Berlin/Potsdam for the summer.

  • We had a small shared birthday party for my wife and I this weekend. A little hike in the forest above Barcelona, followed by some drinks on the terrace. Thanks to everyone who came. I was happy to be well enough to do the hike - frankly it hadn’t looked like I would be able to at the start of the week.

This coming week I’m in London for a final(?) pre-brexit visit and #geomob on the 19th.