Good news, my back is totally recovered and I am exercising every day again.

Main highlights of last week:

  • visited London for a GetAgent board meeting
  • BTW did you see that my friends at GetAgent raised a £2.2M round? - and a #geomob. I combined that with seeing a few London friends and walking around central London. I’m currently reading Edward Rutherford’s “London: a Novel so was fun to walk around and see all the places. Unclear if this was my final pre-brexit visit or not.

  • Lots of work on setting up a German company

  • It turns out one of our showers is leaking into the flat underneath us. Fun times.

  • Still hunting for a place in Berlin/Potsdam for the summer.

  • Planning what to do over Easter.

  • Working on taxes. sigh

  • Overall, despite the trip to London, not the most fun-filled week. Still it did end on a more positive note, as the only two sports team I really follow - the Duke Mens Basketball team, and the German national football team - both managed to snatch key last second victories from the jaws of defeat. Nice work, guys, even though I wasn’t able to watch either game.