Last week I posted how I did on my 2017 resolutions, this week it’s time to reveal the 2018 resolutions. For those that may quibble when I post my New Year’s resolutions in mid-January, well, yes, but at least it’s better than March 2nd, which it seems is what I managed last year.

This year I decided to break the goals into a few categories:


  1. Keep up my exercise regime from last year. I’ve been quite diligent the last few months especially and am feeling great.
  2. Go swimming at least once per week. This will require some logistics, but should be doable.
  3. Finally, less, but better, alcohol. One of the blessings and curses of life in Spain is the dirt cheap wine.


More outdoor adventures with my kids, especially as my daughter is now getting older and able to ride a bike.

New Skills:

  1. Finally master emacs - I’ve been an average user for almost two decades, it’s time though to finally move to the next level.
  2. Hopefully also move my Spanish beyond just transactional. I’ve started taking classes again. One on one via skype, has been very helpful. Poco a poco.


  1. Keep pushing OpenCage. Last week I sent out the year in review email to our advisor board, and I’m very pleased with our progress. We have successfully moved from proof of concept, to beta service, to side project, to stable business with very satisfied customers. The goal for this year is growth, growth, growth.

  2. Secondly I keep pretty busy working with all the various start-ups I have the pleasure to be an investor in. I need to write a post about my angel investing strategy as I am getting many non-relevant pitches, which is a waste of everyone’s time. I’ll keep working on helping all the companies succeed, but also recently joined the board of GetAgent and will be joining the board of AVUXI following their recent funding round.


Visiting some new places (Lisbon and Gotland) was a highlight of last year. Definitely want to do that again in 2018, but unfortunately a lot of my schedule is already full with trips that will be enjoyable but happen to be to places I’ve already explored (Particularly looking forward to returning to San Sebastian and the Basque country for a wedding in May). I have one adventure lined up this summer - an epic two week train journey around Northern Europe with some ex-yahoo colleagues, but will try to find the chance for something new as well.


Start a book club in Barcelona. This was on the list last year, time to finally make from progress on it. Send me your suggestions por favor.